Tailgating Checklist

As we look forward to Football season in the Fall and some serious tailgating, the summer is a great time to sharpen your skills.
Outdoor concert venues featuring aging rockers that still sound great are in full swing, as is baseball season and backyard tailgating.
With the kids home and planning vacations, sometimes you end up tailgating on the fly.
We decided to come up with a simple tailgating checklist in case a couple of Springsteen tickets get offered to you last minute.

-Grill, charcoal, lighter, lighter fluid
-burgers, dogs, rolls, sandwiches
-cooler, ice (always get an extra bag or 2)
-beer, wine, soda, water
-bottle opener, corkscrew
-chips, snacks, condiments
-spatula, tongs, knife
-paper plates, plastic cutlery, cups
-paper towels, garbage bag
-folding chairs, small tables
-ponchos, sunscreen, bug spray
-football, cornhole, music speakers