Have you picked your Football trip for 2016??

Spring is upon and you should definitely be thinking about what football trip you want to take in the fall.  Are you going to do College or Pro?  We’ve done the Pro games with our 8 years of Jets road games.  Did that, done with that!  Pretty sure from now until the end of GOL, we will be attending college football games with our yearly trip (can we squeeze in a 2nd?) trying to hit as many awesome venues as possible.

If  you are going to a college game, fbschedules.com is an awesome site to see all the college teams schedules.  If you are just starting going to college games with your buddies, I would recommend starting in the SEC (go to Ole Miss).  After you pick a game, lodging is the most important part of planning.  You want to stay in a location close to the action where hopefully you don’t have to drive.  Hotels and rental houses close to the action book really quick.

If you are going to an NFL game, the schedule comes out towards the end of April.